MIB Designer

MIB Designer 3.2

Create and edit MIB modules that comply with the SMI rules
3.2 (See all)
Frank Fock

MIB Designer is a Java™ 2SE tool to visually create and edit MIB modules that comply with the Structure of Management Information (SMI) rules. With MIB Designer there is no need to be familiar with ASN.1 nor with SMI syntax notation. MIB Designer has provided tools like drag & drop of MIB nodes, strict error checking, unlimited undo/redo, and preview with syntax highlighting, MIB Designer makes writing MIBs a question of minutes - on nearly any operating system.

Main features:
-Multi-platform support and license.
-State-of-the-art SMI syntax and semantic checks.
-SMI syntax auto-completion.
-Virtually unlimited undo/redo.
-Copy & Paste nodes and sub-trees between multiple MIB modules.
-Tool plug-in interface to integrate 3rd party applications.
-On-the-fly spell checker (English).
-Various output formats: PDF, XML, XSD, Text, HTML.
-Refactoring support (automatic update of object references)
-SMI revision control can block changes on released revisions that would change behavior on the wire.
-New MIB Wizard simplifies the creation of the basic structures for new MIB modules.
-SMIv1 <<0>> SMv2 conversion.

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